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Farm Schedule

Three Sisters Planting Class

 May 15th

Join Brian for an enlightening class on the traditional Native American planting technique known as the "three sisters." Discover the synergy between corn, beans, and squash, and learn how to implement this sustainable and symbiotic gardening method in your own space. First class taking place on April 24th, 2024, at 5:00 pm at Bliss Farm promises to deepen your connection to the land and the wisdom of indigenous agricultural practices. 

Wed Evening Markets

Every Wednesday Evening 5-8:00PM 

Join us for our Wednesday Evening Market at Bliss Farm. This micro-market features local vendors with handmade goods,  farm-to-fork cuisine, classes, and of course, freshly picked fruits and veggies! 

Stop by next Wed, See ya at Bliss Farm.

*Always seeking local food growers, artisan craftspeople, etc. Message us today.